French Roulette

French Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games in the history of casinos. It came to be in the 17th century and remains one of the most popular games with regular and elite gamblers. Most players are attracted to the game for the chance of getting entertained for long hours and the possibility of big wins. It started as a land casino game then an online casino game before the live casino version came to be.

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French Roulette’s Brief History

casino monte carloThe game is said to have originated from the Chines armies where soldiers spun wheels to determine if their captives were to be killed or just injured. This concept was then taken to Romans by merchants trading with the Chinese in the Greco-Roman historical period. During this time, soldiers used chariot wheels as spinning wheels for gambling. Their generals encouraged this gambling for relaxation prior to and after the war.

The game further gained players when a famous French mathematician called Blaise Pascal tried to create a wheel device with perpetual motion. That wheel has been the basic game wheel over the years, with very little adjustments. Then, two French players who were brothers added a zero to improve the game by bringing the total numbers to 37. The game became popular in monasteries and later in French land casinos. Unfortunately, the French government outlawed gambling. This forced Blanc and Luis to head to Germany. Here, they opened a casino in Hamburg. Later on, they opened another casino in Monte Carlo where the single-zero casino became a popular roulette game. This trend has since been adopted in modern gambling.

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Playing Guidelines for French Roulette

This game has 37 pockets. The zero is green while other pockets have alternating red and black colours and are numbered from 1 to 36. This game differs from other roulette versions in that you can place special bets. Here is an example; you can make announced bets if you placed some chips on the French roulette table that are enough for bet compensation.

The objective of this game is for players to predict the pocket where the ball stops. Here are some playing guidelines.

  • In the roulette game, you place bets on the table. Given that it has a different layout from its European counterpart, you need to acquaint yourself with such terms as Pass (mean even) and Impair (means odds).
  • Always make sure you have enough chips to cover the bet before calling it out. There are easy names for announced bets to enable players to announce them fast.
  • Consider maximum bets. This allows you to announce your bet much easily. Here is an example; if you decide to bet on eight, you can call out 8 to the maximum to your dealer fast.
  • Once the ball is released, no more bets can be made. The dealer will announce that there are no more bets allowed and overrule the late ones.
  • Once the dealer determines the winning number, he or she collects the losing chips and leaves the winners on the table. The French roulette Canada has various win combinations, which allows users to get multiple payouts.

How is French Roulette Different from Others?

French and American Roulette differences

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The French Roulette bets and game play has striking similarity to the European one since the latter a

lso has one zero and 36 other numbers. However, there is a difference between the two and the American type. In the French type, grid numbers have a horizontal layout on the table with outside bets on each side. Outside bets include Red, Odd, High, Black, Even on top and Low at the Bottom. You place bets on the right of the table grid just like the European type. However, there are differences in rules. On the French side, there are la partage and en prison alternatives. With la partage, you claim half of your bet amount when you lose an outside bet while on the en prison, you win your cashback if the ball stop at zero. With the rules, your house edge goes down to 1.35% (reduced by half).

The American version has a greater difference than both French and European roulette games. First, it has an additional double zero pockets thereby, bringing the total number of pockets to eight. This brings the house edge to 5.26% without additional payout. Besides, the number grid on the table has a vertical layout and not a horizontal one. You will find outside bets below the table in two rows where double zero and zero bets are on the left.

Advice on Ways to win French Roulette

french roulette tableWith a lower house edge, the game gives you a high chance of a win. Use these tips to create your French roulette strategy.

Let the Probability Concept Sink In

Most players erroneously believe that they can increase their chances of a win by wagering a higher amount. However, on the contrary, they can only increase their chances by betting more. Here is an example; if you bet on a single number, your odds of winning stands at 2.7% but increase to 5.4% on making a split bet.

Consider Outside Bets

Most people go for outside bets as they come with a 35:1 payout. However, you have a minimal probability of winning with them. We recommend outside bets instead. Despite having minimal odds, you have a 50% chance of a win.

Play the Trial Mode

The trial or free mode enables you to sample various bets before you put your cash on them. Try as many bets as possible in the allotted time.


Is French Roulette Available for Free?

Yes. Most casinos would allow you to try various games, including this version free. Try free versions before putting your money on the game. Learn and read terms while at it.

What are the odds when playing French Roulette?

If you go with even money bets (black or red, odd or even) you have a 48.56% chance of a win. However, their payout is 1:1. The outside bets are Column and dozen each of which covers 12 numbers. You can bet on number 25-36, 1-12, and 13-24. Each has odds of about 32.43%.

Can I Play French Roulette with My Bonus?

Bonuses are put in place to increase your payroll. Most welcome bonuses allow you to play various games, roulette included. There are also no deposit roulette bonuses available to French roulette Canada players.

What Payouts do French Roulette Online Casinos offer?

The highest French Roulette payouts come from straight bets with 35:1 payouts. Split bets have a 17:1 payout while street bets have 11:1 payout. Corner bets have 8:1 payout while six-line bets have a 5:1 payout.

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French Roulette
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