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Among the roulette variants that online casinos in Canada have available, American Roulette ranks high in popularity. It is a classic roulette game that appeals to traditionalists and modernists alike. The setup of the wheel is different from European and French roulette, meaning that the winning rules are as well. The objective stays the same – predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. Before you embark on your gambling adventure, educate yourself on the American roulette game. We made that easy with this guide. Here, readers will find useful information such as:

  • The fundamentals of the American variant of roulette
  • The most suitable betting formulas to apply
  • Where to play American roulette Canada

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A Brief History of the American Roulette Game

Roulette HistoryFrench soldiers fleeing to the US after the French Revolution are responsible for introducing the game of roulette. When the soldiers immigrated to New Orleans, they brought the classic French roulette with them. During that period, New Orleans was the gambling hub of the United States. However, casino operators did not like the French version of roulette because it didn’t offer a desirable house advantage. Therefore, they tweaked the game, adding another zero such that the American roulette wheel had a 0 and 00 slot. Early versions of the game only used the numbers 1-28 and had an American eagle icon.

If the ball fell on the eagle symbol, 0 or 00, the bets on these slots won, and the casino took the rest. This variant gave casinos a house advantage of 12.90%. Later, operators added more numbers to reach 38. So, the wheel contained two zeros and the numerals 1 to 36. This variant is what casinos offer now. Its house is edge is 5.26%. The popularity of the game spread from Louisiana where it began to the rest of the country and beyond. Various casinos offer American roulette Canada from different game developers.

How to Play an American Roulette Table

As with other types of roulette, the point here is to anticipate where the ball lands after it spins on the wheel and put your bets on that position. To play American roulette online in Canada, choose the game from the available options in the casino library, open it, and use the features to place bets. Once your chips are down on the roulette wheel, you can spin by clicking on a button. In live roulette, you have to wait for the croupier to throw the ball as with a conventional game. The principle of playing the American version of roulette is knowing which bets to select. Inside and outside bets are the main ones.american roulette table

Inside Bets

  • Straight – The wager is that the ball lands on a single number.
  • Street – Players bet on three numbers in a row, such as 0/00/2, 0/1/2, and 00/2/3. The bet sits at the end of the row.
  • Line – You bet on two different combinations of street bets by placing the chip at the end of the chosen rows.
  • Split – Splitting the bet between two slots, so the chip is in the middle.
  • Corner – You bet on four numbers by placing the chip on the shared corner.
  • Five – The bet includes five consecutive numbers like 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

Outside Bets

  • Odd or even – The bet is on an odd or even number.
  • Red or black – You water that the ball lands on either of the main color of the American roulette table.
  • Dozens – A player picks 12 numbers that are on three consecutive rows.
  • High or low – The best are divided into two classes, the lower is 1 to 18, and the upper is 19 to 36. You have to pick a number from either category.
  • Column – You have to choose all the 12 numbers on the left, middle or right section of the table.

How is The American Roulette Game Different?

French and American Roulette differences

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The inclusion of a double zero slot in the American variant is the primary distinction with the other classic games – European and French. Two zeros on the roulette table make it riskier than its counterparts. Of course, the additional zero tilts the house edge to favor the casino. For European and French roulette, the advantage for the house is 2.7% while American is 5.26%. Factor this in when you opt to play American roulette. The colour of chips is different in American and French roulette. With the America version, the chips are multi-coloured to make it easy to identify the bets. French roulette uses chips of the same colour. The rules in French roulette are the other differences that provide a big advantage to players. For example, En Prison grants a player half the bet back if the ball lands on zero.


Can you play American roulette Canada for free?

Yes. A majority of developers has demo versions of their games, and most casinos will allow customers to access them at no cost. A gambling site can also offer a no-deposit bonus where players can spin roulette games using virtual cash. When you don’t have enough experience with the American version of roulette, playing for free is highly advisable. Put in some hours on free play to better understand the game and test out your American roulette strategy.

How do you win with betting systems?

Canadian roulette players have several strategies that they can use when betting, and we look at a few.

  • Martingale – It’s a common system that requires the player to keep increasing the wager even after a loss until you win. Then, you reinvest the original amount and start all over. It recommends covering the outside of the American roulette wheel with even bets.
  • James Bond – The point of this strategy is to boost your winning chances but splitting the bet in three. One goes on the 0, another on the high numbers (19-36), and the last on the lower numerals (13-18).
  • Paroli – Here, you have to double the roulette bet after a win until you hit three winning combinations in a row.

What are the American roulette payouts?

A game’s payout depends on the bets. A street bet, for instance, has a 17:1 payout rate while a straight bet offers 35:1. Therefore, consider the payouts of each type of bet keenly before picking one. The amount you wager doesn’t influence the odds of the game; rather, it’s the house edge that matters. Remember that inside bets provide bigger payouts than outside bets.

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American Roulette
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