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Welcome to online-roulette.com. You are here because you are searching for information about online roulette and as you might have surmised, this site is all about the classic game. Online roulette is a fast-expanding area, and the result is an influx of information on the game. A simple search online about online roulette will bring you millions of results with which you might not know what to do. The role of this platform is to eliminate all that noise for you. I endeavor to provide comprehensive information concerning different elements of roulette. Separating facts from fiction about the game can be tedious given all the information you have to sift through. Here, I have compiled a wealth of knowledge covering everything that I know regarding roulette. You can find details about new games, roulette casinos and bonuses.

I am an expert in the roulette with skills and knowledge amassed over a long time. My priority is to collect educational data that readers will find useful. Unlike other roulette platforms out there, I care about the integrity of the information that makes its way to roulette players. Most sites out there are all about marketing services, which is not bad until it compromises the quality of content. Boring games, outdated reviews and unreliable payment solutions are not problems you will have to worry about when using this platform. I stand by the impeccable standards of this site that ensure each piece of information provides value. As a roulette professional, I understood the need for accurate information. Therefore, I invest time in finding the latest trends in online roulette. Users can find up to date information about roulette casinos and their offerings.

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online-roulette.com LogoI, Dieter Maroshi, am the founder of this online roulette site. As a seasoned roulette professional, I am uniquely qualified to provide players and enthusiasts with the knowledge they seek. One way I stay informed about various aspects of the game is by reading numerous resources. From books about conventional roulette strategies to online content about new betting systems, I try to keep up with everything. I dedicate a significant period to roulette, which has allowed me to build competencies that are not easily available. I don’t claim to reinvent the game, but I do make things easier for the people who matter- you. Whether you are a novice roulette player or a seasoned gambler, I offer relevant information. Besides the principles of roulette, I am familiar with gambling regulations in different regions. The information I acquire, I present in a palatable manner. Reading about the latest roulette game shouldn’t be boring, and I make sure that it isn’t.

As with any other professional, I have areas at which I excel at. I get help where needed to make certain that readers benefit from concise information. Over the years, I have built a powerful network of roulette experts who I turn to when necessary. If you could ask around, some of my peers will tell you that when I appear, roulette casinos recognize my prowess. I use that power to make roulette a fun and safe experience for others. Honesty and transparency are important values that I apply everything.

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Online Roulette GoalsRoulette players, especially inexperienced ones, have to navigate a host of minefields in the online sphere. Without the right preparations, you can find yourself captured in an unpleasant situation at an online roulette gambling site. The primary goal of this platform is to keep players safe. I understand how scary the online gambling sphere can be. The risks of ending in the wrong roulette casino or choosing an unfavorable game variant are high when you are uninformed. I work to change that. I ensure that every roulette player who passes here has the correct information to facilitate smart decision making.

Dieter Maroshi

Dieter Maroshi – Roulette expert and principal author of online-roulette.com

A question you might ask is why it’s essential to keep testing portals. A lot of things evolve with time in the online roulette market. Casinos change their bonuses, new titles come out and many payment solutions become available, and so on. Regular tests guarantee that readers get the most recent details. A majority of the mistakes that roulette players make is due to lack of information. Simple elements like the RTP of a new live game or details about a casino bonus can go a long way. I present facts as they are without embellishments. If criticism is warranted, then I give it unequivocally. Unbiased details allow you to make decisions from an informed position.

Some of the elements that I look at include:

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My ten plus years in the industry afford me the designation of ‘expert.’ Even though you won’t find the name Dieter Maroshi in the front pages, you can be sure that I am doing a lot in the background. I am responsible for several sections at online-roulette.com and ensure that each one caters to the needs of the readers. My thinking is economically oriented, which is why I always look for ways that roulette players can save money. I focus on varying casino bonuses, providing you with relevant and updated information. My aim is to establish the best conditions for players.