European Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games all over the internet. The European form of roulette is one of the most common variants with gamblers. This is because it has a house advantage of just 2.63%, which is lower than other variants. Therefore, players have a greater chance of winning than with any other types. With the right strategies, you can make some good cash while enjoying the game.

This article will help you:

  • Determine the differences between European Roulette and other variants

  • Get tips and strategy to win the European Roulette Game

  • Learn the features, pay-outs and how to play

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History of European Roulette

Roulette traces its roots from military games around Europe and Asia. It is believed the Chinese and Roman armies played roulette in its basic form before the new roulette wheels were invented. Chinese soldiers would torture captured soldiers on wheels and wager on the outcome of the process. On the other hand, Romans used to mark ten even spaces on the chariot wheel with a spear running through it to enable the wheel to spin.

In modern times, roulette was a refined casino game in France by the 17th century. The earliest descriptions of the casino game are found in Jacques Lablee’s novel called La Roulette ou le Jouer. In the novel, he describes the roulette as having number 1 to 36 with extra pockets numbered as zero and double zero. These pockets were meant for the bank and the advantage of the casino.

Roulette was played that way until 1843 when a casino opened in a German town of Homburg. This casino offered roulette with a single zero. This new trend gained momentum until the Monte Carlo casino adopted the roulette wheel with a single zero. With Monte entry, the single zero roulette became a standard in casinos around Europe.

How to Play European Roulette

european-roulette-williamThe European roulette wheel consists of 37 numbered pockets (0 to 36). Numbers alternate between red and black. Zero has a green color. The numbers are arranged at random in such a way they offer an equal number of chances for both the red and black pockets. Your goal as the player is to predict the pocket in which the ball will stop. You then bet on the number that you have selected. The wheel spins in one direction while the ball spins in the other. Players who had bet on the pocket where the ball stops are declared winners.

After making a bet on the online version of roulette, you then click the spin button to set the wheel in motion. Most online casinos provide a chance to double your bet in every consecutive spin. The coin values are also shown on the screen. You should learn the European roulette terms in the inside bets or the outside bets. The inside bets include straight, split, street, corner and line bets. The outside European roulette bets include betting on odd or even, color bets, low or high, columns and dozen.

European vs American Roulette

European Roulette William HillThe main difference between European and American roulette is the European type has a single zero while the American one has two of them. The removal of the extra zero increases the chances of a win when you play the European variant. The version gives you a 36/1 chance of winning instead of the 37/1 in the American variant. In addition, in the European version, outside bets are placed on the two sides of the European roulette table while on the American one, bets are placed alongside your table. Both wheels share the alternate odd and even numbers as well as red and black for numbers 1 to 36.

European Roulette game is somewhat similar to French version but with a difference on some rules. Both tables have similar winning odds for similar bets and a layout that almost looks the same. However, with French roulette, you can get half of your bet using the La Partage or splitting rule. There is also the en prison rule, which gives you a chance to recover your stake after you spin a zero provided you had even odds. Both instances give you a chance to get at least a part of your stake in a game you would have lost.

Our Tips

  1. Double Dozen Tip: The Double Dozen betting involves betting on two sets of 12 numbers with equal amounts A dozen bets at a ratio of 2:1. If you bet on two dozens, you cover 24 numbers which increase your chances of a win. If a number in any of the dozens win, you will be able to return your bet amount for both bets and get an extra bet worth of profit. Here is an example: If you bet $20 on each of the sets, you spend $40. If one of the numbers you covered wins, you get a $60 pay-out. You get back the $40 you spent and $20 profit.
  2. Try the Games Free: The best way to get acquainted with this roulette game is to try it free. You can also try the above strategies at no risk to your stake. Most online casinos have both real money and free versions. You can then use the skills learned when betting in the real-money version.
  3. Martingale System: The Martingale System is usually used when betting on the outside bets. The European roulette strategy works on the way you structure losses and profits. It states that you double your bet with every round that you lose until you win. This win would cover all your losses and original bet.


European Roulette

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How can I play European Roulette for Free?

To play European roulette free, head to your favourite casino and look for the casino variant on the search bar provided. Alternatively, you can scroll through roulette variants. On the variant, select the demo game. Start playing the game just like the money version.

What are the European Roulette Odds?

There are 37 numbers on the European version of roulette. This means that you have a 2.70% chance of winning when you choose any single number. However, the European roulette odds can improve with other types of bet. A split bet has 5.4%, the street has 8.11% odds, a corner has 10.81% chance while the line has 16.22% winning odds. Outside bets have winning odds of between 32.43% and 48.65%.

Can I Use a Roulette System while playing European Roulette?

Yes. You can implement any system that you wish to use in your play. However, the effectiveness of the systems varies from one player to the other. Roulette is a game of chance and may sometimes not follow the rules set by systems. However, if you believe a system will give you results, you can give it a try.

What are the pay-outs of Different European roulette Games?

The pay-out ratios depend on the type of bet that you choose. As for the inside bets, a straight pays 35:1, a split pays 17:1, a street pays 11:1, a corner pays 8:1 while a line pays 5:1. For outside bets, a column pays 2:1, a dozen pays 2:1 while odd or even bet on colors and high and lows pay even amounts of money.

European Roulette
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