Roulette Systems

It is a set of strategies that a player can follow to win a roulette game. In many cases, it is a set of mechanical rules that help the player determine when or where he or she is supposed to bet. Despite being a simple game, many players end up losing when they play roulette partly because they play it blindly or follow strategies that do not work.

A sound system increases the odds of winning a roulette playing round by over 20 percent. You can pick one of the common practical systems or combine more than one when playing your game. However, you need to understand the objective and course of action that each system employs to improve the winning rate as well as the profit margins. Here are some of the most popular systems explained in detail.

Roulette Tricks

Roulette Tricks

Although roulette is a game of chance, you can increase your odds of winning the games by applying a few tricks. Besides, several strategies out there can help increase the odds of winning. It is also possible to increase your …

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Martingale System

Martingale System

Roulette is a chance game and foremost people, which means it’s about playing a hunch. You can never be too certain about where the roulette ball will land on the wheel and, so you must rely on your gut. The …

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Paroli Betting System

Paroli Betting System

Any roulette player who has been around long enough has heard of the Paroli betting strategy. It is among the most popular one out there. Some people refer to it as the reverse Martingale, but it is more than that. …

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Progressive Betting

Progressive betting is a system of betting where players change the size of their bets up or down systematically as they progress with the game. They use a predetermined formula to determine the amount that they would be betting with. While it may not be said to be the best roulette system, it is the easiest to follow and execute.

roulette progressive bettingThe objective of the system is to maximize your profits when on a winning streak and keep your losses as low as possible when on a losing streak. The result of the previous bet determines the amount that you will be betting in your next round. A player may take up positive or negative progression. Negative progression is the case where the player decreases his stake after winning the previous round or increases the stake after losing the previous round. On the other hand, positive progression is a case when the players increase their stake after winning the original and decrease the bet size after losing a previous bet.

The players must make several consecutive wins to make a profit from this system. There are several systems available online that work with the progression theory. They come with a variety of add ons but use this basic principle of progression as a core.

Non-Progressive Betting

This is the opposite of progressive betting. Instead of changing your bets based to your previous results, this system advises players to keep the bet amount the same throughout the entire play or change the bet at random without reference to the performance. One of the commonest systems in this section is betting on the neighbouring numbers. You are splitting your bet and placing it in three or more numbers next to the selected bet.

This strategy works on the idea that if you miss the number you had placed your bet, the chances are that one of the numbers you had picked is going to win. Most casinos do not allow this system. However, where French Roulette is offered, you can bet on neighbouring numbers.

The other common non-progressive system is the James Bond Strategy. This strategy covers half of all the slots with bet amount, which increases the odds of the game-winning in favour of the player. However, on the downside, it may hard to make a profit from the strategy as you spread your bets too thinly such that the winning bet cannot cover the entire amount staked.

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Physical Systems

Roulette physical systemsIt is often said that the roulette wheel runs randomly, and that the results of when it settles are purely out of chance. However, behind the scenes, it is possible to draw out patterns on the movement of the wheel that can help the players craft a strategy. One of the popular roulette systems is the use of sectors. The player may decide to pick sectors to play their game or split one chip to take up two numbers at particular sectors. Then, he or she can implement inside and outside bets.

Some other people use discrete devices that measure the speed of both the ball and the rotor to predict where the ball might fall. While the strategy may not pinpoint the exact number where the ball will land, it is accurate in determining the sector where the ball might land. This increases the chances of the player making consistent profits with several playoffs. A number of other things play out while setting a physical roulette system. They include the location of the ball track and the average time that the ball takes to finally come to a stop. With this strategy, it is possible to reduce the house edge significantly.

Tricks and Tips

  1. While no system can be said to be the best roulette system, several tricks can improve your chances of winning at roulette tables significantly. First, if you are new to the roulette game, start by practicing roulette free online. You can also apply any of the above systems and see the outcomes in a risk-free environment. Most casinos have free play roulette tables.
  2. You may want to play the European roulette when compared to American Roulette. The American variant has 0 and 00, which increases the numbers to 38 against 37 in the European roulette, which has a single 0. Therefore, the American variant has a higher house edge.
  3. When getting started, go for the low table limits of between $1 and $5 until you have a track record of winning games at the casino. You can then increase the bet amounts as you gain confidence at the tables.
  4. Always create a bankroll and keep within its limits. You can create a play account and only use the cash on the account to play at the casino. Next, create betting limits for a given period such as daily or weekly and keep the limits regardless of your performance on the tables.

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