Martingale System

Roulette is a chance game and foremost people, which means it’s about playing a hunch. You can never be too certain about where the roulette ball will land on the wheel and, so you must rely on your gut. The Martingale system postulates that you can do more. Now one of the most popular betting strategies, the Martingale goes back to the 18th century. Speculations about its history say that it was created after the roulette wheel. Gamblers were eager to find a way to beat the roulette wheel. Other bits of history say that it dates back further than roulette. Apparently, it was used to in a coin toss game where the odds were 50/50, heads or tails.Martingale Preview


  • One of the simplest roulette betting systems
  • A win can recoup your losses with a profit
  • Interchangeable with other games


  • High potential for huge losses
  • Requires a hefty bankroll upfront
  • Minimal profits

The main principle of the Martingale Roulette System is that the player doubles the bet after a loss. With the stakes increasing exponentially, it means that if you win, the profits are enough to cover the losses you accrued up to this point and a little extra. The idea was that if you keep tossing a coin, eventually you will flip to the other side. As more people saw the rationale in this reasoning, the strategy grew in popularity to legend status. The strategy might be frequently used on roulette, but that is not all it is good for. Now, casino players use the Martingale for most games with even-money bets. Since the system is not restrictive, you can use it for different types of roulette. Although the Martingale system is straightforward, learning its essential aspects is necessary if you are to apply it correctly.

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How does the Martingale System Work?

You grasp the primary idea of the Martingale that stipulates that you have to bet twice the original bet if you lose. The Martingale is a progressive betting strategy. It means that the player decides how to bet based on the outcomes of the current play. The specific type of progression in this technique is negative. When playing, you have to keep betting until you hit a win at which point the system resets. Then you have to begin all over.

A big selling point of the Martingale is its simplicity. Players don’t have to memorise any formula or calculate anything before placing wagers. If you want to see what you stand to win after several rounds, you can use a Martingale roulette calculator. A lot of roulette players make the mistake of using the betting tactic without knowing its rewards. At first glance at the system look sounds, but remember that it is playing on the statistical probabilities that define a game of chance.

Martingale Strategy in a Roulette Casino

So how do you apply the Martingale when playing at an online roulette casino? A player only has to understand the main idea. For example, you have $10 on black. After a spin, you lose. The next bet should be $20, and if you lose that round the following wager is $40. If you win that round, it means that you cover the first and second bets (10+20) and you make a profit that is the size of your initial bet. The question of whether or not casinos allow the technique is a common one.

Martingale SystemOnline casinos have nothing against their customers using the Martingale. In fact, it makes sense that they would champion it. All the losses that you incur translate to wins for the casino. By design, roulette already offers a house edge, how much that is depends on the variant. So, regardless of the tactics, the casino is positioned to win. One way to leverage the Martingale when playing roulette online is to use bonus cash and free spins. With bonus funds, it doesn’t matter if you lose because it doesn’t make any dent in your bankroll. If you win, you earn a profit.

Your biggest concerns should be the casino betting limits and your account balance. Casinos have maximum limits for different games. It means that if you land on a long losing streak, it might get to a point when you can’t wager anymore. The more you lose, the faster your balance decreases. It’s why players with limited budgets find the Martingale hard to sustain for long. You can test the betting system on demo games to see how you fare. Try and apply it to different roulette variations such as European and French.

Martingale Variants

The Martingale is not only one system. Over the years, the strategy has evolved into different betting options that cater to a host of gaming requirements. In the different variations of the Martingale, players still bet on winning and losing streaks but in varying ways. As you decide if this betting strategy is for you, find out what else it offers.

  • Anti-Martingale – The betting system requires you to double the wager when you win and halve it when you lose. Also called the Reverse Martingale, this method seeks to minimise spending when you lose. As with the Martingale, this strategy can be unsustainable in the long-term.
  • The Grand Martingale – For high-rollers who don’t mind risk, this system is the way to go. It works similarly to the Martingale with one exception; you have to add a unit when doubling your bet. For instance, a $20 bet would be $50 (20×2)+10). Of course, this type of betting depletes your playing budget faster than the traditional Martingale.

The Martingale roulette strategy sounds like a reasonable approach when playing roulette. It can help you win decent profits. However, the system is not based on mathematical or scientific evidence. Therefore, it doesn’t guarantee better winning chances in roulette. Evaluate the Martingale method carefully before deciding if it’s suitable.

Test the Martingale Strategy!

Martingale System
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