Live Roulette

The live roulette casino is a lot different from the online casino gaming available around the internet. With the online roulette games, you have to contend with computer generated ball runs, which are not predictable at all and may reduce your chances of winning. However, as for this game, you get the ability to play on the go just like the casino roulette but with the added advantage of having a human dealer.

When you play live roulette, you make use of the chips located in the betting box on one side of your pc or phone screen. After this, the dealer throws the ball into the cauldron. You then follow the game using a live stream on the other half of the screen. Unlike land-based casinos, the live casino deals with the conflict of interest by building a cauldron that makes it hard for the dealer to manipulate the movement of the ball.


What Roulette Games can You Play at Live Casinos?

You can play several live roulette table games at the virtual casino. One of the most popular is the European Roulette for its low house advantage. Unlike the American roulette, this one has one null instead of two. This gives you high chances of making some good cash in the process. Players also go for the American roulette with its double zero wheel and still win. The Roulette rules for each of these casino games vary from one casino to the other.

There are other variants of roulette available in some casinos. They include the French roulette and the side bets. The French roulette has a wheel similar to the European one but with numbers not arranged in their consecutive order. Its wheel is large and managed by three croupiers.

Some casinos also provide a free player account. With the account, you register free and play with virtual cash. This is a great way to practice on your roulette gaming when getting started at the casino. You can then go for the real money account, which allows you to place real money bets and earn cash on winning. The house limits vary from one casino to the other.

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Is Live casino a Serious Roulette Game?

Yes, you get serious roulette gaming when you choose a casino that is licensed and has a good reputation about its earnings. Such a casino does not use marked numbers in the course of playing roulette. Remember, you only get a profit when the ball rolls in a real pot and not when there are random numbers to predict a win. When you go for a reputable casino, you are sure that chips will not just be disappearing and all the cash that you make at the table will be paid in full.

Before you create an account and start playing in any casino, it is good to check whether the casino has been fully licensed and is affiliated to reputable gambling bodies. Casinos will usually display the licensing information at the bottom of their homepage. You can also read the online reviews from people who have played at the casino.

Can You Apply Roulette Strategies?

Yes. However, you may not improve your winning rates. These chances are even lower that of the real casino. While none of the boilers works perfectly, the house advantage from the deviations they make is usually lower than 2.7% that comes with the zero field. However, you will be forced to evaluate several of the past performance runs so that you are able to come up with a pattern. Unfortunately, there are likely to be changes at the casino from time to time. Thus, the evaluations may not be perfect.

Some programs allow you to determine the area where the ball is likely to land after it has been thrown. However, it is most likely that the casino operators know this possibility and have developed ways to counter this predictability. Overall, it is quite hard to determine with certainty the movement of the ball once it gets moving.

Enjoy a Live Roulette Table on Your Smartphone

You can enjoy roulette on the go at your smartphone. Large screen smartphones and tablets are especially good because they have enough room for the boiler and settings. Many casino operators have a mobile casino where you can play live games via a browser. Browser-based casinos are also used to play on desktop computers. Several also have an app, which you download and install on the phone.

You choose any of these alternatives, depending on your preference and playing behavior. Most people love the app for personalizing their playing experience. However, a few use the browser to control their gambling behavior. Most casinos use the same layout for both the desktop version and the mobile casino.

Pros of Playing at a Virtual Casino:

  • You enjoy playing roulette as you would in a land-based casino
  • You have an opportunity of chatting with fellow players and the dealer
  • A legit way of making some cash as you play your favorite game
  • You can play your roulette on the go conveniently

Cons of Playing at a Virtual Casino:

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  • The speed of the live roulette spins and rounds is much slower than that of the general online casino gaming. This is because the dealer has to roll the ball.
  • You still do not get the awesome interactions with players on the land-based casino
  • The size of the screen may become a limiting factor on the overall enjoyment of the game

Our Tips

  • Research on Reputable Casinos: Take our time to determine whether the casino you intend to wager on is a reputable one. Do not be carried away with too-good-to-be-true offers that many casinos give to the new players. If you go for a casino that is not reputable, you risk losing your cash in unfair play.

  • Practice with the Player Account: Casinos offer features and results in player accounts that are similar to those that are available when playing with real cash. You can use this account to get acquainted with the game or try any live roulette strategy that you feel can work without risking your money. It is also a great way to enjoy your game when you do not want to use any cash at the casino.

  • Take Advantage of Bonus Programs: There are several bonus programs offered by casinos to live players. Promotions vary from free cash to increments in your stake. Others allow you to play free with real winnings at the end of the game. Keep checking if there are any such offers at the casino each time you log in to play the game. Such offers may greatly increase your earnings while reducing the risk of a loss.

  • Bankroll Management: Limit the cash that you can lose to the casino before you call it quits. This helps you avoid draining your funds at the casino. Some casinos offer a responsible gaming tool to help you manage your cash. Make use of such features.

Live Roulette
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